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Swollen Knee

~ My right knee has swollen for quite a few days and it was pain when I walked in my usual pace. One morning, I got a pair of black socks from my 2nd daughter when she found me moaning in pain at the couch. It took me quite a while to wear it as my calves muscles were aching. Within a short while, the aches from the knee were eased and I could walk without problem. The swollen part has subsided after wearing it for two days! ~

Yin H. fr Spore

Smaller Tummy

"Mama handed me one polo spectrum shirt to try on and said it is good for me if I wear it to sleep. I didn't think much at that time but wear it to sleep every nite. One day, I noticed that my tummy is smaller overnight and I did remember going to bed after a heavy dinner. Needless to say I was very excited and told my mama about it."

Char, S'gor

Comfortable to Wear

I have decided to give the spectrum products a try after hearing the review from my close pal who had bought it for her son. I actually have a different brand's long pants which I have bought for slimming purpose. Sadly, the slimming pants didn't last long and torn a bit after I have wore it for months! So I bought the spectrum long pants to try. It is very comfortable to wear and still in good condition after I have wore it for some time. Without hesitation, I bought another 5'' pants fr

Lisa, Homemaker

Sport Injury

I have injured my foot when I played sport in school. My father took me to a doctor to treat it but it still hurt a lot when I moved around. My mother was worried sick and through her friend's recommendation, she bought me the spectrum vest and also a pair of long pants. It really stunned me the moment I put it on as the pain is like melted away and my back is like straightened, my mother said I appeared taller!

Min X. KL

Better Posture!

I wear the spectrum bra, long sleeved girdle and 7" pants every day. What I could spot are my arms are much firmer and my years long posture issue has been rectified.

Yee, Teacher

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