10 Quick Tips to Shape Your Body Healthily

  1. Do not SKIP your meals.
  2. Eat Smart! Just remember 3 words: Chew, Light and Time. Chew it longer for better digestion and jawline. Choose mild flavoured food over strong flavoured food. For example, steam food is better than oily food; adding too much spice, sugar or salt in any food is not good for health.  Finally, it’s the time to eat! Schedule to eat all your meals on time. Additionally, you can keep a food journal to record your food intake. It helps you to understand how your body reacts to various kinds of food as no diet fits all.    
  3. Water aids in detoxification, reduce the discomfort of reflux and plays an important role in body health. Drink adequately, do not drink and eat at the same time!
  4. Stay cool and focus when you eat. Do not eat when you are moody, in rush, not focus as it might lead to over eating.
  5. Portion your food in accordance to your body needs. Consult a dietitian if you require further assistance.
  6. Heal yourself before you shape.   
  7. Perseverance keeps your goal on track.
  8. Eat more green than junk. If you have to eat inadequately, choose green over junk. Plan your grocery shopping before hand.
  9. Make sure your itinerary includes time for exercise. Pick a sport or choose a type of exercise that you have interest with. You can choose to do it alone or with your friend.
  10. Wear our products to increase microcirculation in the body. It is convenient as you can wear it wherever you are, on the go, at the gym or at home.

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