To many, baby is a bundle of joy! As for me, I see it deeper: “Babies are great teachers”. If you know how to interpret their baby languages, you might be surprised at how babies interact with us. Baby learns fast without your knowing. My personal experience with baby is during that period when I gave birth to my son and daughter. They are different in characters. My elder son smiled a lot when he was a baby. He was an explorer, a keen little fellow who loved to watch science fiction movies. An avid fan of ‘Ultraman’, a popular Japanese television series back then. On the contrary, my daughter was a shy girl, oriental in nature. She loved to be cuddled and enjoyed full attention from me. She was the onlooker, a non-participating observer, play safe type! It took me a while to realise that, a new mother I was. Nevertheless, love begins and so is my journey of learning!

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