I Love Exercise

A lot of people have started to add exercise to their daily routine for health purpose, especially during this pandemic. As for me, I bought a treadmill and an exercise bike which fit both adults and teens.  Since then, my family and I have been exercising regularly. I don't know about others but to me, staying fit requires perseverance, wisdom, self-control and positivity. 
I love exercise as it keeps me grounded especially after few hours working non-stop on my projects.  Secondly, I feel vibrant the moment I step on my exercise bike even though I am exhausted after work. My children too, love the idea of burning calories when it comes to exercise (-> Haha! Thanks to my Tanita Weighing Scale).  Besides, we wear CANAI’s spectrum clothing while we are working out on these exercise equipment. The benefit of wearing it to exercise is magnificent. My stamina is prolonged while working out and I don’t feel body ache after the exercise, which is great in a way as I can continue with my household chores before I call it a day.  Before bed, I love to spend some bonding aka rejuvenating time with my children!  

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