Oil is used in ancient for many circumstances. To list some, people in the past love using oil to cure sickness, ease stomach discomfort, improve blood circulation and sleep well. Different types of oil are apply in view of situation. Talking about oil in modern time, there are essential oils for aromatherapy, rice bran oil for cooking, evening primrose oil for women health, etc. As for me, I use different types of essential oil for healing and aromatherapy, rice bran oil to cook and grape seed extract for skin health. 
There are many kinds of oil out there, for healing purpose. Recently, I like to drip a few drops of spearmint or lemon essential oil (depending on body reaction) at diffusers in my office during daytime. It helps to improve the air quality and pick me up
At night, I like to lit (light) my room with "oil lamp" to study the online course that I have enrolled via edX some time ago.  Oil lamp for me, is better for focus instead of modern LED lighting, even though I have both in my bedroom.  That's me in progress.




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