I love to try new stuff especially when it comes to play. I feel amused by many activities for play. For example, a sport that I have never tried and wanted to try – squash. I bought a squash racket and played it at the clubhouse just for fun. Then I tried to learn how to play it correctly by online search. I enjoyed the process of learning and playing concurrently. 
In this modern age, there is digital game for play. I love those digital games whereby I can play with my children comfortably.  The one that we often play is Nintendo Switch where we connect thru the home console and our favourite is their “Clubhouse Games”.
During this Covid-19 pandemic, there is a movement control order in our residing country. Despite of it, we are still able to unleash our creativity and play. This week, we dig into indoor games such as Monopoly, Nerf Gun, Chess, Carrom, Old School’s Hide-and-Seek, etc. Have you played?  

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