Due to the outbreak of Covid-19, there are many people I know under acute stress. I know it might not be easy for some people to overcome stress especially during this pandemic. However, never say never as there is always a way out when you clear your mind. Let go of all the worries that are clouding your mind, look for help (if necessary), stay positive and exercise. 
As a single parent, I do have times where I need moments to overcome stress myself. There are several solutions that work perfectly for me, 1) Put on my spectrum gears and step onto my treadmill or exercise bike - sweat it out for 50~60minutes; 2) Meditate for 5~10 minutes, usually together with my Spectrum eyeshade; 3) Sleep early without burning the midnight oil; 4) Laugh it out ie. Select and watch a comedy movie; 5) Make use of the healing properties of water: drink more pure water or take a shower; 6) Listen to music or your favourite song that calm your mind. 
Whatever method you use to release your stress, don’t overlook or accumulate it. Be strong and love yourself!

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