When I was a child

When I was 5 years old, my mother would often ‘sneak out’ for some errands the moment I fell asleep, leaving me home alone.  At that time, my brother was far away for schooling.  Over the time, I learnt how to self-entertain in order to overcome my boredom and fear of being alone.  That was the time, I started to read full length story books that belonged to my brother and learnt how to ease my anxiety by self-help.  When I was 10, my parents sent me to school at foreign country and it was tough at the beginning as I had to manage many things all by myself and alone.  During the first few months, I had written many letters to my mother (well, no internet or mobile phone back then), begging her to reverse the big decision of studying abroad but she did not reply.  At some point, I was demotivated, gradually I stopped writing to her.  There was a coldness crept into my relationship with my parents after that.  I developed interest in listening to music on a Walkman and spent more time in reading story books.  I was quiet in school.  However, things changed during my secondary school years when I begun to make more friends.  It was the company of friends that cheered me and moments of closeness with them lifted my spirit. 
My childhood might not be memorable at some point, but I learnt many things.  These experiences helped me to overcome difficulties in certain stage of my life journey.

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