Female Medical Frontliner

Reduce your stress with our latest technology in clothing!  Made with five powerful countries' technologies as well as six core materials and processes for these spectrum clothes to suit all healthy-minded individuals in all occasions.  Tested by various, including J.I.R.A., Japan for the quality of these spectrum clothing.

Spectrum Scarf is our modern daily living essential, designed to ease tired neck and shoulder while you put it on as its special materials while in contact with our skin, boost blood circulation, reduce stress & improve mental focus, etc.

Spectrum Mattress promotes better sleep with the latest technology in Japan.  One of the spot-on is the application of germanium, negative potential therapy technology that improves human's micro-circulation while we sleep, have you slept enough lately?

Spectrum Socks are made with the properties of Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Odour, good socks for those that have overactive swear glands, etc.  

Multi-purpose Neck Wrap can be used in many ways, be it at work or at rest, wear it to improve blood flow around the area you wrap.

Spectrum Long Sleeved Girdle supports backbone with 9 pieces of Nickel-Titanium (NiTi) Alloy Memory Strips along with other unique materials for better microcirculation inside your body.  Great to wear for improve body posture, blood circulation, relax tired muscles esp. spinal bone, anti-ageing due to long hours of sitting or standing.  

Spectrum 5" Pants is perfect for all women looking to shape their tummies, reduce discomfort during post-menstrual, etc. 

Spectrum Bra is made for the health of all ladies.  Wear it to enhance breast health, increase microcirculation, ease tender breast, etc.