Gifts for Elderly

Key products for Elderly that are good for : -
1. Improve skin texture, ease muscle pain and/or swollen legs, enhance lower body mobility, relieve discomfort from joint pain  [M04 Ecological Health Pants & F22 Spectrum Tummy 9" Pants];
2. Improve stomach health, ease bloating stomach, reduce belly fat, etc [M10 Spectrum Girdle];
3. Aid in sleeping disorder, ease discomfort from stress or body strain [CH0001 Health Mattress];
4. Reduce sign of ageing and wrinkle @neck [AS21 Multi-purpose Neck Wrap];
5. Increase blood circulation and relieve water retention [All Our Products];
6. Improve the health of male reproductive organ [AS05 Spectrum Underwear for Men];
7. Improve eyes health [AS07 Massage Eyeshade];
8. Improve breast health [F10 Spectrum Bra];
9. Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Radiation, Anti-Static, etc