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Canai Health Mattress

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Model: CH0001

Benefits of sleeping on CANAI Health Mattress manufactured in Japan: -

  1. Promote sleep quality for everyone;

  2. Bad sleep affects our wellbeing.  Our mattress is made with the application of germanium, the latest in mattress industry as well as 'Negative Potential Therapy Technology',  to aid in good night sleep;   

  3. Reduces allergy with better advanced technology in eliminating mites and bacteria automatically;

  4. Reduces water retention;

  5. Design with top-notch technology for good air ventilation, with 300L of air passing by every minute;

  6. Mattress is designed for all to sleep better in all seasons as its double sided material is adjustable to hot when cold and switch to cold during hot weather intelligently;

  7. Made with environmentally friendly fibers as well as moisture wicking material, aid in keeping sweat from wetting your body.