Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. How do I choose the right products for myself or my close ones?

Our Answer:  Email us your query or have a chat with us via our chat bot (coming soon) and our staff will guide you accordingly.  Alternatively, you might want to explore our online collections and pick the one that fits your needs!


Q2. Why there is a price difference between the 'Black' and 'Camel' range of your Spectrum products?

Our Answer:  The 'Camel' range is named as the 'Oriental series' from our manufacturer; it is made to be 3 times MORE efficient than the 'Black' range which is their 'Elegant series'.  On top of that, wearing the camel or the 'Oriental series', is equivalent to running 3km as compared to 500m for the black or the  'Elegant series'.  In addition, the Oriental series or camel range is made with the extra feature that is, Anti-Radiation, good for those who often use electronics devices.


Q3.  I wanted to order CANAI's products via but your system required me to sign up as a member beforehand, can I skip it?  

Our Answer:  Yes, the choice is yours to choose, either to sign up for latest updates and more or continue to check out as a guest.        


Q4.  How many wears can these CANAI's products support?

Our Answer: Based on our customers' feedback, it can last more than twelve months.  It depends on one's health status, frequency of wearing it and whether you follow the cleaning instructions stated at the answer for Q6.  We have many clients who are still wearing their 3pieces set (Oriental Series / camel colour) which they had bought from us two years back.


Q5.  Why do I have to buy CANAI's products from 

Our Answer:  There are many worthwhile treats.  Getting your CANAI's products from can expect: i) Preorder perks; ii) Buy & Donate; iii) Members' Rewards; iv) Better Customer Portal as we will improvise it from clients' feedback periodically, etc.


Q6.  How do I clean the products which I have bought

Our Answer:  Due to the delicacy of its special materials, we always recommend our clients to use a PH neutral, non-biological liquid detergent and give it a gentle HAND WASH.  As the spectrum clothes are designed for Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Static and Anti-Odour, it is best to wash them once every alternate week and every other day for underpants. 

Guidelines on how to clean and prolong the lifespan of these products: -

  • Do not soak, just hand wash the garment gently with a few drops of PH neutral, non-biological liquid detergent in a pail of room temperature water.  Such liquid detergent should be mild enough to bath a baby in a bath tub.  DO NOT USE any types of softener, bleach, anti-bacterial or essential oil as well as perfume infused detergent to wash, soak or clean the garment;  
  • Squeeze or gently rub the garment in the suds with three rinses;
  • Gently squeeze out the excess water after rinses;
  • Dry it under the shade, away from direct heat and sunlight;
  • Do not dry clean, chemical wash or machine wash in any case.


Q7.  How long does it take to deliver after I have placed an order?

Our Answer:  It depends on the concerned stock availability, the location for delivery and the custom clearance at both sites.  Normally, it should take no more than 6~10 working days to reach our clients internationally.  However, seeing the current pandemic, there might be some unexpected delays for your ordered goods to reach you.  It all depends on the current regulations as well as custom clearance at sites.  Should that happens, please be patient with us.  Thanks for your understanding.


Q8.  What is the return or exchange policy of your products?

Our Answer:  Please understand that we ONLY accept the return or exchange for any of the following reason that is when the good(s) we deliver has/have : - 

  1. Problem with fit or size; (Ex.: You ordered size 'M' but received size 'L'.)
  2. Manufacturing defects;
  3. The issue of wrong colour; (Ex.: You ordered orange but received blue.)  
  4. Wrong delivery. (Ex.: You ordered Product 'A' but we delivered Product 'B'.)
In that case, you are advised to send an email to within 3days after receiving the goods from our appointed delivery agent.  Be minded to attach in your email, several clear and crisp snapshots to show the condition of the products that you have received.  Our team will look into the matter and reply upon the receipt of your email, accordingly.  

      In addition, kindly note that : -

      • In the case of return/exchange, all Item(s) to be returned/exchanged should be in original state like the time you have received.  It should be unworn, unwashed with all the original tags, manuals, packaging and any related accessories intact.   In addition, please only send out the good(s) to be returned/exchanged UPON our written request and AFTER we have investigated and approved your return/exchange request.  If these conditions are not fulfilled, we reserve our rights not to accept the returned goods for exchange;
      • Given the current COVID-19 situation and for hygienic concerns, we reserve our rights not to accept the exchange or refund, except for the reason of manufacturing defects or we have delivered the wrong item(s) from the order you have made; 
      • All return(s) or exchange(s) are applicable for ONE time only, and within the stipulated period as per aforementioned;
      • We do not accept return or exchange of sales items and gift cards;
      • If the item that you wish to exchange is out of stock, you can choose to exchange to another available item.  On top of that, if the item you wish to exchange exceeds the value of the item you return, you shall pay for the excess when we bill you; in any other cases, if the price of the item you wish to exchange is lower than the price of the returned item, we shall refund you accordingly.                                                                       
      • We shall pay for the return shipping charges provided always, the item(s) you have received from us, is/are found to have the defect(s) from our manufacturer or in the case of incorrect item delivered.


      Q9.  How long does it take to see the health benefits after we wear the products which we buy from

      Our Answer:  Honestly we have no definite answer for this question as everyone is unique.  All of us have different living habits, lifestyles, diets whereby healthy living is one of the essentials to work hand in hand with the products


      Q10.  Do I still need to take my medicine or supplement after I have bought your products? 

      Our Answer:  Yes, unless your consulting doctor tells you to stop.  On top of your daily routine, we suggest that you wear our products often as its unique materials aid to improve your blood circulation, enhance appetite, increase vitality as well as ease your tiring body system. 

      [Tips: Do drink at least two litres of pure water, eat wisely and do some light exercise to maintain your health.  Stay positive and do what makes you happy!]   


      Q11.  Can you tell me how your products can improve my blood circulation?

      Our Answer:  All our products are specially designed with six core unique materials namely Spectrum Fiber, Titanium Germanium, Cosmic Energy Stones, Shape-memory Alloy, Elastic Yarn and Cleancool fabric.  The manufacturer has combined multi-national technologies to produce the products, that is, American Spectrum Technology, Japanese Fiber Technology, German Precision, French Fine Materials and Chinese Meridian Health Knowledge. 

      Below you can find the 'Picture A' and 'Picture B', for the "Before and After 60minutes" laboratory tests results from Japan Far Infrared Rays Association (JIRA).    


      PICTURE A : -



      PICTURE B : - 


      Q12.  How do I wear it right to achieve an optimal result?

      Our Answer:  You have the flexibility to wear it at any time of the day, including at work, exercise or during your sleep. For the purpose of optimal outcome, we recommend the camel colour range (or Oriental series) of CANAI's Spectrum clothes.  Simply wear it for eight hours or more every day, then keep yourself hydrated by drinking at least 2litres or more pure water daily, not forgetting to allocate time for exercise every day and eat wisely.  Finally, starts living a healthy lifestyle!    


      Q13.  Will there be any special discounts if I buy in bulk?

      Our Answer:  We have prepared a table of special rates for all collective buyers (group buying), importers, distributors, etc.  Feel free to discuss with us!


      Q14.  I am looking for a new range of innovative products to sell in my home country, can you help by sending me trial products? 

      Our Answer:  Yes, please give us more details in relation to your business plan, your company's background and any relevant information for us to work together by email to  Thank you.


      Q15.  I heard that wearing your products can boost micro-circulation inside the body.  What is micro-circulation?  Why we need to boost our micro-circulation for a healthier body?

      Our Answer:  Microcirculation is the vascular network between blood and single cell.  A boost in our microcirculation is important to our body tissue and single cells, ensuring adequate supply of oxygen and nutrients inside our body to keep sickness at bay.  In order to achieve that, we need to live a healthy lifestyle.

      Having said that, many of us, due to our status, commitments, work or profession, we have spent most of our time on the road, at work or taking care of our family, not many of us have the time to exercise regularly, eat healthily or sleep well.  Most of us have turned to spend on supplements, spa sessions, slimming or surgery, gym or health club memberships for healthcare.  Yet, not everyone has made it due to many circumstances.  Given the current pandemic, we need to keep a social distance, work from home and stay home for safety.  Our Spectrum Wear comes in handy as such, for the purpose of improving microcirculation and boosting your body confidence, just by wearing it!  

      It combined multi-national technologies together with carefully selected materials, a wearable technology without any harmful radiation that are family friendly with no side effects.  Safe to wear on daily basis for better circulation.


      Q16.  Are there any side effects after we put on your products?

      Our Answer:  No, our products are safe to wear for long hours, family friendly, no plug-in and no battery needed as it does not require electricity to operate.  The maker of these products has obtained the "Premium Quality Award" from Japan Far Infrared Rays Association (JIRA)!