Gifts for Everyone

If you are looking for natural remedy to improve your eyes' health, look no further as we are presenting to you, our Massage Eyeshade AS07.  It is designed and made to relieve dry eyes or eyes fatigue for anyone and that includes school-aged teens and elderly folks.  Just wear it for 15minutes in order to soothe any dry eyes' discomfort and at the same time, improve the blood circulation around your eyes area.



Looking for beauty accessory that improves body metabolism rate? Our Spectrum Scarf AS09 has incorporated several countries' technologies along with six core materials, to enhance your metabolism and blood circulation just by wearing it!  It is big in size, approximately 1.3m x 1.5m, you can wrap it around your neck, shoulder and body to ease tired shoulder and neck.  On the other hand, it can be your body warmer!  Great gift for everyone, ie. men or women, minors or seniors. 


Improve your sleep quality with our Health Mattress CH0001.  It is manufactured in Japan, made with the application of germanium as well as 'Negative Potential Therapy Technology' for better sleep.  On top of that, it is designed with top-notch technology for good air ventilation, calculating at 300L of air passing by every minute!  Additionally, its double sided material is adjustable to hot during winter and turn to cold during summer without worry.  Good mattress promotes good sleep in all environments, great for children and adults with bad sleeping habits.  


Looking for gift with unique features? Say, reduce sign of neck wrinkle? or 'prime target' is to promote skin health around your neck? Ease stiff neck? Discover more when you begin to wear our All-In-One Neck Wrap AS21 as it is made of pure germanium fiber fabric.  Great for anyone who is looking for multi-purpose in beauty accessory.



Tired feet after a long day? Have been sitting for many hours causing your feet/calves to swell? Searching for easy way to reduce sport injury or relieve muscle cramp for your hyper active children? Try our Spectrum Socks AS03 for its multi-healing properties and extras like Anti-bacterial, Anti-odour!



Working hard to improve your blood circulation or microcirculation? Interested in maintaining or enhancing your prostate health? Wanted to relieve tense muscle after work or sport? Tummy fat? Muscle cramp? Don't miss out our latest multi-purposed inner clothes for men: Spectrum Girdle M10 and Spectrum Ecological Health Pants M04 to meet your various concerns.  Simply wear it for 8~10hours a day, accompany with healthy living habits and balanced diet.   



Need a quick fix for important dates? Concern about menstrual pain and bloating stomach? Back pain? Worry about sluggish metabolism? Wanna shape your body and at the same time, improve your body microcirculation? Explore our special made, All-In-One, high-tech inner clothes, ie. Spectrum Tummy 5" Pants F21 + Spectrum Bra F10 + Spectrum Sleeveless Girdle F11 for all your needs in one outfit.  Extras? Anti-Radiation, Anti-Bacterial, etc..  



Buy and Give!  Gifts for everyone include our contribution to the needy as we are committed to set aside a portion of our total sales profit to aid those in need around the world.