How It Works?


There are six prime materials being chosen and included to make CANAI's Spectrum products namely, 

    1. Spectrum Fiber: Due to its comprehensive function and broadband design, it is able to regulate body cells in term of healthy frequency.  External body temperature will eventually increase by 1.8°C to 2.1°C after wearing the material.
    2. Titanium Germanium: It is a kind of semiconductor element that functions to regulate positive and negative ions within the body, increase metabolism of body cells.  Known to relieve joint or muscle pain and fatigue as well as tiredness.  Raise oxygen levels, improves blood circulation and reduces free radical in the body.
    3. Cosmic Energy Stones: There are more than 70 kinds of trace elements in the stones with high frequency vibration to release infrared rays, hence the reduction of cancer risk and slowing down of ageing process.  Beneficial in the normalisation of body's electromagnetic field.
    4. Cleancool Fabric: Breathable with high air permeability, featuring Anti-bacterial, Anti-odour and quick drying.  Comfortable to wear long hours as the material keeps the skin feeling cool.
    5. Elastic Yarn: Multi-angled woven, body fitting elastic yarn which helps to increase friction between fiber and body, burn and regularize body fat.
    6. Shape-Memory Alloys: A type of unique alloy that can be deformed or pre-deformed or 'remembered' the wearer's body shape according to the body temperature!  It is non-magnetic, prevents spinal deformities, relieves tiredness and insomnia.       

With the exclusive selection on the materials and follows by the six important processes: -

  1. Silk Protein Soaking Process;
  2. Nano Silver Process;
  3. Anti-Static Process;
  4. Fiber with Milk Essence Softening Process;
  5. Titanium Germanium Fabric;
  6. Sealed with 228 Energy Mine Magnets

Together with healthy eating habits and lifestyle, the benefits of wearing our spectrum products will optimise.