The Birth of

'Love Yourself'

My name is Wei Wei, the founder of and I'm a single mom with two 'smart' school-age children.  They play an important role in my life, more like a mentor aka coach!  Well, I am blessed as I have a supporting family and they encouraged me to set up this company.  After my failed marriage, I had then left my high profile career at a multinational firm where I spent seventeen years of working.  It took me a while to adapt to the new timetable balancing between the priorities, including self development, business and family.  Looking back, I am happy to be where I am now.

I was first introduced to spectrum inner wear when I was looking for ways to slim and tone my body after my pregnancy.  Designated with the position of seniority in a multinational company, looking presentable is considered an etiquette when it comes to board meetings especially with the stakeholders.  On the other hand, given my packed schedule, I appreciated versatility.  When I first tried on Canai International their all-in-one spectrum clothes, I was surprised at how comfortable it felt on my dry and sensitive skin, not to mention the pleasant scent that the fabric had.  When I was told of its added benefits like anti-radiation, micro-circulation, anti-bacterial and the ability to soothe menstrual pain, I bought them without a hint of hesitation.  After wearing it for around 3.5 months, I discovered all my office suits were no longer fit and I'd to buy smaller size as I was 7kg lighter on scale!  What amazed me further was my menstrual pain, finally it was no longer unbearable and my backache including indigestion are healed!  Since then, I have made several purchases for my family and we wear it diligently with a good diet and healthy lifestyle.