Stay Fit Healthily

#1: Getting enough power sleep is important if you want to stay fit.    
#2: Be 'selective' by choosing and eating your food wisely!  Balanced and nutritious meals provide nourishment to your body and let you slim down effectively and at times, smoothly.       
#3: Know when and how to take a break is one of the key factors to stay fit without fuss.  No matter who you are, what your profession is, we should never neglect our mental health in any conditions as negative emotions, tiredness or even bad health will get you nowhere to your fitness goal.  On the other hand, a relaxed mindset prep you from within, which is beneficial in the process of staying fit.



#4: Water heals! Drink at least 2.5Litre to 3Litre of purified water everyday to detox your body.  Do drink more if you are drinking boiled water at home.



#5: Do not find excuses to skip the routine of workout or keep body fit unless your family doctor told you so.  It is a good habit to have a total body workout everyday.  On the other hand, you can write down your fitness goals and make it happen by keeping yourself motivated at all times.  



#6: Wear our All-In-One inner wear specially designed to benefit busy working mothers, young adults and men, aiding them in:  a) Improve blood circulation; b) Body contouring; c) Correct body posture; d) Better sleep quality; e) Relieve muscle pain and reduce rate of sport injury while wearing it to exercise; f) Enhance physical health; g) Ease bloating stomach and indigestion as well as other benefits. 
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#7: Get yourself a full body medical check with a certified doctor before you make any fitness plans.  It's better to be aware and advised of your own health condition in order to make a suitable fitness plan accordingly and effectively.                                                 



#8: Consult a dietitian before you change to a new diet and that is, after you have consulted a certified doctor and completed your full body medical check-up.