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Spectrum Girdle

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Model: M01

Color : Black

A natural body warmer! On top of that, if you are looking to remain fit while you are at play, at rest or even in the office, grab our Man Girdle.  It is designed with five nations' technologies and six important materials like Spectrum Fiber, Cosmic Energy Stones, Elastic Yarn, Titanium Germanium, Cleancool Fabric & Shape-Memory Alloys.  Wear it together with healthy living habits and stay fit without stopping your daily routines as well as,

  1. Has better body posture;

  2. Stimulate blood circulation around upper body;

  3. Has better eyesight due to increase oxygen & blood flow;

  4. Reduce back & stomach pain;

  5. Increase appetite;

  6. Improve reading focus;

  7. Enhance stability and balance.


Q) Need help to order the right size? 

A) The size of your girdle should be based on the measurement of your hipline.  Do consider a bit lose in size instead of tight for the extra comfort.