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Spectrum Girdle

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Model: M10

Color : Camel

Great wear to invest for all seasons, suits men and women, young adults and adults!  If convenient is what you are looking for, in smart gadgets and stuff, then this Spectrum Girdle is an add-on.  It is made for the health conscious ones in line with their busy itineraries along with balanced diet & good living habits for the support of : - 

  • Reduce belly fat & increase blood circulation;

  • Ease back pain;

  • Improve backbone posture;

  • Increase appetite;

  • Better body shape;

  • Anti-Odor, Anti-UV, Anti-Bacterial

  • Slow down ageing process;

  • Reduce stomachache;

  • Better reading, stimulate brain for better focus;

  • Longer sitting as stress is reduced due to the materials of this Spectrum Girdle. 

Q) Need help to order the right size of girdle?

A) The size of your girdle should be based on the measurement of your hipline.  Do consider a bit lose in size instead of tight for the extra comfort.