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Spectrum Long Sleeved Girdle

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Model: F13

Color : Camel

Wear our custom designed long sleeved girdle, to improve body posture, good for teenage's growth, a multi-purposed wear for undergraduates and business women.  Match it with our Spectrum Bra (Model: F10) and Spectrum Tummy Pants (Camel or Oriental series) to increase microcirculation within the body on the move!  Suitable for health conscious individuals who want to make a shift on top of their healthy living habits. Stay Safe!

  • Reduce water retention;
  • Body warmer & double as body shaper;
  • Improve blood circulation;
  • Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Radiation; Anti-Odor, Anti-Static;
  • Ease your backache, shoulder pain and support your back bone;
  • Prevent you from spinal deformities due to improper standing or sitting posture;
  • Improve your sitting and standing posture; pair it with our Spectrum 9" Tummy Pants to burn tummy fat together with sensible diet & regular exercise. 

Q) Need help to order the right size of girdle?

A) The size of your girdle should be based on the measurement of your hipline.  Do consider a bit lose in size instead of tight for the extra comfort.