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Spectrum Sleeveless Girdle

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Model: F03

Color : Black

Looking for non-invasive way to improve your cellulite prone body? Try wearing our Spectrum Sleeveless Girdle along with our Spectrum Bra and 5" Spectrum Tummy Pants for a better absorption of nutrients, increase vitality, reduce water retention & many more!  Good for any health-minded women.  Wear this sleeveless girdle to aid in the benefits of: -

  • Better Body Posture; 

  • Improve sluggish metabolism, increase micro-circulation;

  • Reduce back pain, correct sitting posture, great for teens or adults who spend a lot of time on mobile devices as well as PCs or laptops;

  • Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Odour;

  • Prevents cold, good body warmer;

  • Relieve stomach pain;

  • Prolonged stamina to read;

  • Slim waist, reduce body fat with healthy lifestyles, diet & enough water to keep your body hydrated! 


Q) Need help to order the right size for this girdle?

A) The size of your girdle should be based on the measurement of your hipline.  Do consider a bit lose in size instead of tight for the extra comfort.