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Spectrum Sleeveless Girdle

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Model: F11

Color : Camel

In search of alternative way to stay slim without replacing your daily itinerary?  Our Spectrum Sleeveless Girdle is made with six core materials namely, Titanium Germanium, Shape-Memory Alloy, Spectrum Fiber, Cleancool Fabric, Cosmic Energy Stones and Elastic Yarn for the benefits of: -

  • Improve body postures; 

  • Improve micro-circulation;

  • Relieve backache, good backbone supports for those in concern;

  • Materials that hold the properties of Anti-static, Anti-odor, Anti-UV & Anti-Bacterial;

  • Prevents cold, good body warmer & improve skin texture;

  • Relieve stomachache due to inadequate food intake;

  • Prolonged stamina to stand, better focus & better body balance;

  • Slim waist, reduce body fat with healthy lifestyles, diet & enough water to keep your body hydrated! 


Q) Need help to order the right size for this girdle?

A) The size of your girdle should be based on the measurement of your hipline.  Do consider a bit lose in size instead of tight for the extra comfort.