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Spectrum Tummy 5" Pants

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Model: F21

Color : Camel

"This Spectrum 5" Pants is my first purchase that I have invested in myself to shape my body after my pregnancy.  My daily work out essential after so many years." 

Perfect for all professionals, including teens.    

Wear it daily, on top of healthy diet, exercise as well as drink at least 2.5 litres of pure water in order to better aid in:-

    • Reduce cellulite at your thigh area;

    • Help regulate menstrual circle;

    • Warm the uterus during cold weather;

    • Improve skin texture around tummy;

    • Boost the micro-circulation around stomach area;

    • Shape the tummy and lift the butt;

    • Ease stomach ache;

    • Anti-Radiation, Anti-Bacterial

Guidelines for Order

To order the size that fits you, the measurement is based on the hipline in centimetre (cm).  Do order loose in size instead of tight for extra comfort.