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Spectrum Tummy 7" Pants

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Model: F08

Color : Black

By wearing our spectrum 7’’ Pants can aid digestion.  Add it to your healthy lifestyle for extras: -

    • Shape and prolong your stamina while you exercise;

    • Natural Warmer for your lower body;

    • Increase blood circulation;

    • Reduce water retention;

    • Improve skin appearance when you wear it for long hours due to its unique fabric;

    • Help to reduce fatigue when pair it with our Spectrum Nightcap and Spectrum Scarf when you rest.

    • Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Static.

Easy clean materials.  Versatile for busy women as you can wear it to work, sport, do house chore or at rest. 

Guidelines for Order: To order the size that fits, the measurement is based on the hipline in centimetre (cm).  Do order loose in size instead of tight for extra comfort.  Do reach out to us if you need any helps while you are making an order.