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Spectrum Tummy 9" Pants

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Model: F22

Color : Camel

Our spectrum 9’’ Pants are good for those who stand or sit long hours resulting in poor circulation, water retention or those who have the symptoms of arthritis: -

    • Improve the microcirculation of your legs;

    • Prevent water retention, occurrences of varicose veins, muscles ache and cramp;

    • Reduce belly, abdomen fat together with sensible diet & healthy lifestyle;

    • Ease the pain of arthritis & relieve joint stiffness for knee & hip;

    • Increase blood circulation and cell metabolism;

    • Relieve stomach from bloating, indigestion;

    • Natural Warmer for your lower body;

    • Anti-Bacterial and certified premium quality products.

Benefits for people who have healthy living habits, sufficient exercise and hydration.  


Guidelines for Order

To order the size that fits you, the measurement is based on the hipline in centimetre (cm).  Do order loose in size instead of tight for extra comfort.